Price list

All cakes will differ in price.

Ingredients prices change all the time. 

The time taken on each cake varies immensely depending on the design.

Remember a planning process has to be costed in too.


Michelle will endeavour to give you the best price possible for your bespoke cake.

Price Guide 

8" Sponge cake, 3 layers deep.

Simple Fondant Decoration

Approximately 25 Portions 

 1" x 2" slice 



10" Sponge Cake, 3 Layers deep.

Simple Fondant Decoration

Approximately 39 portions

1" x 2" slice



Novelty  Carved Sponge Cake

Approximately 35 Portions 

1" x 2" slice 



Buttercream Drip Cakes

Michelle also offers the very popular and fashionable drip cakes. 

These can be made in any flavour sponge with a flavoured buttercream. Topped with a drip edging and your favourite topping, indulgent chocolate,  fun in a sweet shop and many more.